Too Young to Understand

And I held off, as long as I thought we could be

I bled myself dry, I smoked until I couldn't breathe

I got in my car

I made it my home

A fortress away from a storm

Fluttering down the road

You think that I ran

Well maybe it's I'm just too young to understand

In the Golden Hour

There were ashes on my lips, from the words I breathed

The same lips I kissed you with

It was hard to see, from all the smoke

Started reaching out, reaching when you spoke

Ringing in my ears, I felt deaf to you

Gripping so tightly, I started bleeding through

In the Golden Hour, it's you I find

And I don't want to go inside, I don't want to go inside

If you're going to stay, I'll be here all night

You're in every song I hear and every song I write




You can't relax, I can see it when you smile

Even in the dust, the distain, make it 5000 miles

You're on the cusp, and I can hear your thoughts

And your dilemma is mine, but with a gradual decline

Distance finds greatness, courage finds heart

You're a captive that's been given the keys

I'm a servant who won't fall to his knees

In stubbornness who we are is known

In your fury, I'm bound to corrode

Now in these quiet hours as my body aches

It's only a matter of miles,

Until one of us is bound to break.